EJBCA Documentation

EJBCA Documentation

The EJBCA Documentation is the main source of information for the EJBCA software and covers an overview of different PKI Architectures you can implement with EJBCA, and Integration guides.

The Installation Guide contains detailed step-by-step instructions for configuring EJBCA on all supported platforms, and how to configure it to act in its various roles.

The Operations section includes Concept Guides with information intended for administrators responsible for installing, configuring, and maintaining EJBCA and an Operations Guide with information on how to perform day to day administrative tasks in EJBCA, as well as how to connect instances of EJBCA to each other via TLS in order to act as Registration and Validation Authorities.

EJBCA Release Information

The Release Information includes information on features and improvements implemented in each release and important notes on upgrading from an earlier release.